Reasons: Why New Websites Sucked with Traffic and Disappear

Hey, no website traffic from search engines after a year? OMG!! Yes, this is a symptom which shows your website is going to dead soon. Wait, what? Yeah, you heard me right.! Without organic traffic and potential customers, your site seems to be stagnant. I know you do not want to listen to that, but dude it is a hard truth.

Most of the new websites are failed regarding organic as well as social media traffic. Do you know why? Moreover, the most common answers are like lack of planning, poor seo, blah blah. Yeah, these reason affects, but not only this there are some other factors which are directly connected with the crackup of a website.

Okay, let us dig into some other important reasons for low website traffic.

Top 10 Reasons: Why New Websites Sucked with Traffic and Disappear

1. Team

Sucked with Traffic

For the success of any business, you need a great team of people with highly skilled in their field. Moreover, since a website design and marketing success, you must need to build a creative team. The main group people need for online business success are:

Web Designers & Developers

They can make a great creative custom website design for your business.


Keep checking the site, finding errors and reported to developers team.

Content & Copy Writers

Copywriters can provide the quality study on your niche with great call actions.

SEO Experts

SEO’s are responsible for website presence in the blogosphere. They can bring quality traffic and potential buyers for your business by attaining top position in the search engines. SEO’s are the golden nuggets for every business. If this team is not perform well then your  business website will Sucked with Traffic.

Social Media Marketing Executives

Brand awareness, talking with customers are now much simple with social media marketing. The crowd is watching us every time we are replying in the social networks so if we did anything wrong it may impact negatively on the entire business.


To complete every process on time, we need to track the workflow accurately from all team members. For this, we need to take coordinators into account.

For the complete success of business, all of this team members work together so that they can bring out the maximum results. And Trust me a good team can make the magic.

Pro Tip: We have seen that people are jumping from one position to another so Only hire an Employee with passionate on Profession.

2. Planning

Sucked with Traffic

“A plan makes a man perfect” ha ha it is practice actually. Whatever this quote make sense at this point. Without proper planning, every business will become an utter failure for sure. Lack of proper planning is a common mistake we can see in every market recently.

Business plans are mainly two types short-term plan and long-term plans. The long-term goal is something which may need some years to get done. Also, the short-term goal is much more feasible so that we should start with them. Read a comprehensive website planning from smash magazine here. Okay now let’s check the major key points in Business Planning:


The first point in planning is creating or selecting the goals. The goals depend on your business, if you are looking for website traffic, then daily 1000+ visitors from organic search is a short goal, and you can achieve it quickly. After reaching that you can scale the aim later.

Target Audience

Choosing target audience is very relevant in business planning. If you are not targeting the right people, your goods may not convert as well. Learn your product, Study the market and choose your targeted audience wisely.

Website Contents and Requirements

Creating and marketing materials are the backbone of your business. First choose your business niche to provide valuable materials, for that you can hire content and copywriters for this process.


To get started and achieving the business goal you should need some initial money. Set your budget for each process and track all the expenses.


Should fix a schedule for every task and get it done on time. We always suggest starting with simple so that you can extend it later.

3. Copying Competitor Website

Mmm, I know what you are thinking now, and maybe you can be nodded with disagreement. However, trust me guys cloning your competitor site is the first reason of your business failure. Let me tell you how we can check with this issue and use some benefit from carboning the top industry leaders.

Copying a website means you are cloning the entire site including the design, contents, social media promotions, etc. So yes, most websites are doing the same. Why are they doing so? There are a plenty of reasons are there. The first one is nothing but “Lazy.”

Haha don’t laugh man, I am telling the fact. Most peoples are sluggish and don’t have any creative approach to their website design. This is why usually every new site are stuck with some point after website design and development.

Of course, you can overcome the issue by tricking the game. Why don’t you copy competitor marketing strategies instead of copying template of an opponent website? Moreover, a custom web design is always out of the box approach. Think about it!

So, overall we can say that copying the competitor website could be the reasons for low website traffic.

4. User Experience Issues

Sucked with Traffic

Creating a user-friendly website is inevitable for any business. Let us check out some significant user experience issues.

Website Loading Speed

Website loading take more than 3 seconds? Oops..! visitors now get bored easily and will close the window asap. Ohh man you lose a valued customer is not? Most people are not like to wait for anything in their life, and this is what happened here, they know there is thousands of their website are in the market which shares similar information.

In result, your site bounce rate will become increase, and it may affect your SEO ranking in a negative way. So, increase site loading speed is one of the crucial checkpoints.

Bad Use of Animation & Scripts

We have seen that lots of websites are using slideshows, and other CSS and java scripts to make the website more attractive. However, trust me guys, that kind of appeal is gone for along in the industry. Some of the pop-up windows and ads can make your visitors annoying.

So, Keep your site simple and user-friendly which is a key to the better user experiences.

Too many Navigation

Website navigation or silo structure plays a significant role in the user experience and SEO ranking. The product/contents/services details should be accessible by the user within a maximum of 2-3 clicks from the homepage. Read the article on blue clay about the proper silo structuring.

5. Ignoring Mobile

Are you just focusing on website structure in desktop version only? Oh oh, you are again in trouble. Responsive websites are the future, and mobile first indexing is the latest update from Google.

A search engine index is a collection of pages/documents that the search engine has discovered, primarily through crawling the web through links. Google has crawled the web from a desktop browser point of view, and now Google is changing that to crawl the web from a mobile browser view.

The above quotes define the Google mobile first index update, and also we have to take care of the mobile website contents than the desktop version. When the website is responsive then no need to worry. However, if the website design, materials are different in both desktop and mobile you should change the content according to googles recent mobile first index update.

Check your site mobile in a friendly way using test my site with Google tool.

6. Keep Fixing The Errors

If you are building multiple internet sites, then chances for getting errors are maximum. So you can see the SEO related issues in Google search console aka webmaster tool.

Fixing errors are good things but, keep fixing errors and working on website development is not ideal because then we lose much time.

Launch your site with minimal design and correct the mistakes that directly impacts user experience and search engine optimization.

Pro Tip: Mr.Tester, you are not a big deal for a business success. In many projects, we have seen that SEO’s take more concerns than tester for checking and reporting the issues.

7. SEO & Marketing Strategies

Well, now you had a great team, so this is the time to think about some marketing strategies and goals. SEO & Social Media Team is responsible for your online marketing tactics and brand optimization.

Search Engine Optimisation is a hectic job in the industry, and the biggest problem is that SEO techniques are frequently changing. Hence, it can neither affect your work in a right way, or it may kill your business in a single day.

So, your team should be updated with latest SEO trends and algorithmic changes. Also, you can read Nathan Gotch post about how to get 502% more organic traffic with SEO strategies in 2017.

As we all know, SEO is the backbone of a website existence in the blogosphere. Therefore marketing strategies and seo goal should be more flexible so that only we can adjust plans according to the market changes.

8. No Revenue Model

Sucked with Traffic

Now we have an expert team, custom website. Perfect SEO and Social media strategies. What it results? Of course, the traffics are started to flow, and your business will grow eventually. But wait, only traffic is what we need to grow our business? Na na.. we need to make money and increase our revenue right?.

When it comes to selecting revenue model, it depends on what business we are doing. Suppose you are running a classified website and do you know what the primary revenue method for this kind of sites is? Yes, it is Google Adsense. A classified website like olx, quikr makes thousands of US Dollars per month from Adsense. If you have access to Premium Adsense Account, then you can double your earnings with lots of other features, and you can read the discussion on Quora here.

Not only Adsense they are making more profits by using premium listing and lead generation methods.

So, this is the time to think about which revenue method is well suited for you. Check with your SEO and Marketing Team they can double your profit with advanced marketing tactics.

Pro Tip: Dear Boss, please stay away and don’t interrogate with your basic knowledge. Trust your team they can do the best.!

Wrapping Up

We have discussed different approaches which can help you to make the business successful. Building a great team, creating a user-friendly website, applying advanced seo and social media strategies these are all the bricks for your online business success.

Teamwork is the key to success and to generate the best outcome, the various squads have to work together. These can take your site to a considerably high level within a short interval of time. We would like to hear what you have to say so, see you in comments.

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