Managed Web Hosting: 10 Reasons to Choose Cloudways

If you need a managed web hosting for your small business website and prefer to use WordPress, you have various choices available online. Most of them, unfortunately, only offer WordPress as an option and stick to a single hosting platform.

What if you need managed WordPress web hosting as well as PHP-based functions for your website? while choosing your favorite cloud hosting company? That is the place where Cloudways is available.

This post explains why it’s more efficient to use Cloudways to host web sites on Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Linode, Vultr, and AWS.

Be aware that you can always select a separate platform without Cloudways to save on prices. However, until you have the required technical experience and wish to save costs, platforms like Cloudways can help.

Managed Web Hosting

Power Up Your Cloud: Managed Web Hosting Providers

You don’t get to select web hosting platforms from most managed website hosting providers.

However, Cloudways gives you the power to choose your favorite cloud platform.

There are a variety of options available, including:

This ensures there’s something for each and everyone.If you have high-end requirements, you can go for AWS and Google Cloud or choose cheaper options like Digital Ocean, Linode, and Vultr.

Each cloud web hosting provider mentioned excels by hook or crook. For example, Vultr servers provide one of the fastest platforms with their high-frequency servers, whereas Linode and Digital Ocean might prove more reliable.

Cloudways makes it easy to add more options if needed, and there are many.

When you choose Cloudways hosting provider, you don’t just save money; you also get to compare a number of providers.

And finally, choose the one that works best for your web hosting needs.

Simple to use, with better controls

Cloudways gives an easy-to-use user interface that also provides superior controls at the same time.

Whether you need to manage the server, apply upgrades, monitor stats, handle providers, set up SSL, or something else, it’s all a few clicks away.

And, I’ve been using their services for a long time now without fail. So, it’s great that Cloudways makes it possible for their customers to make difficult decisions with just the click of a button.

Total customer service focuses on simplicity and management.

Optimization of Efficiency

The back-end stack (or the place where your server/utility resides) is fully managed by Cloudways to give you dependable and quick service. No matter whether you choose WooCommerce hosting, a simple WordPress blog, or something else, the server is fine-tuned right out of the box.

That being said, Cloudways doesn’t take management away from you. You can still set up a number of things to improve your website’s performance. You might want to use some tools that track how well a website works to learn more.

Choices for Working Together

Managed Web Hosting

If you run a business with a number of workers, you can easily add them and give them the permissions they need to handle servers, billing, etc.

You can also create initiatives to manage multiple sites and set up staff inside them. You also get SFTP and SSH access for remote connections. These credentials can be used by any of your members to add, delete, or change files as needed.

Assist for a Number of Things

Unlike other platforms, Cloudways works with more than just WordPress and WooCommerce. It also works with other PHP-based web apps.

This makes it a great managed internet hosting solution for quite a few customers.

For example, it helps with Magento and Laravel. So, you can use Cloudways to build an e-commerce website or another solution based on Laravel.

Not only that, you get the power to set up a customized PHP-based application. As you can see in the screenshot above, Drupal, Moodle, Typo3, and Kontent are some PHP-based functions you can set up in Cloudways.

They also provide set-up guides so that you can set it up yourself.

Server Cloning and Staging Space

You can create servers and set up functions inside them. So, the potential for scaling up your business is great.

And, to make all that easy, Cloudways allows you to clone any server you already have. You do not want to transfer the information from a Cloudways server; it takes a single click to copy it to a brand new server you propose to create.

In this approach, you can switch seamlessly between cloud hosting providers if you dislike one.

Additionally, the function to clone your server and add staging space for web sites will show you how to arrange a test environment before making any changes to your production server.

Simple Up & Restore

Up, and Restore When it comes to managing web sites, backing up and restoring is essential, and Cloudways handles that very well.

By default, backups are generated every day and have a retention interval of one week before new updates override them. And you can restore them; a click should do the job. Backup records are saved off-site. So they don’t use your server’s assets.

Moreover, you can tweak the backup frequency and retention interval as per the available choices (and your preferences). You can also save the backups to your server as native backups if you need to.

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Easy Migrations

Cloudways gives one free migration to each customer and allows you to purchase its migration add-on when you need additional assistance to transfer a number of web sites into Cloudways.

You can also use their WordPress migration plugin. So, even when you have used up your free migration, you can still seamlessly switch to different web sites without paying an additional charge.

Top Class Support Team

Besides handling the back end for you, they also offer 24/7 help options. It is reasonable to expect fast response times on your queries, whether or not it’s about billing or technical assistance.

For premium help, you may also choose premium options, where technical support will troubleshoot your points regardless of how complicated the issue is. They will make it their top priority to resolve it.

With premium help, you will also receive proactive monitoring and an agent assigned to your web sites. With this approach, you shouldn’t have to rent a third-party company or developer to handle your web sites; instead, you can depend on Cloudways.

Top Notch Documentation

For the most part, you shouldn’t have to take the staff’s help. Cloudways provides extensive documentation of its services (including some extras).

It is crucial to get most of your solutions quickly when looking at the available assistive resources.

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Cloudways is a versatile managed web hosting choice. Cloudways, as a managed cloud hosting solution, Offers a wide range of products and services. Whether or not you desire a high-performance server or a mid-range, inexpensive web hosting platform, you have many choices.

This allows you to have web sites that work with customized PHP software, as well as a number of other advantages.

So, if you need a managed web hosting supplier that checks virtually all of the boxes for high-quality managed web hosting while providing headroom for additional features, Cloudways could be an excellent choice.

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