Find your perfect domain name for your small Business: Top 20 tools and Tips

Proper selection of a domain name is a must for the proper success of any venture online, be it a service, a business, or a product. While selecting your domain name, you should be very judicious so that the name reflects the essence of your product or business.

If you select the wrong domain, there is a chance that in the future, when you move to a different name, you may need to face a lot of issues. The common issues like Rank Drop, 404 or 301 redirection.

That is why a perfect domain name section is crucial at the beginning when you are planning to launch a website for your business.

It is understandable if you are a business owner and don’t have enough time to research the perfect domain name or don’t have any idea how to do that research. In both cases, domain research tools can help you find a better name for your business website.

In this introduction section, I am giving you some simple tips. Later in this post, I will explain all the other tips in detail.

First of all, the name that you select should be short, easy to remember, and easily communicative.

Almost all domain names are already in use, so selecting a name of your choice is not that easy.

In this blog post, I will introduce you to some interesting tools for easy creation and selection of domain names. It includes different types of search and suggestion apps. I will try to give you a feel for the different features so that it will be helpful.

Also, I will cover the trend of AI (artificial intelligence). Here I will explain step by step how to find a nice and perfect name for your business using AI tools.

Let’s start.

Here I am going to start with some manual brainstorming. Actually, the brainstorming process is the best when you find a creative and unique name for your business.

When you do things manually, you go through a lot of processes. You analyze vast amounts of data to get a single output.

Here is the same. When you start researching a domain name, you will analyze huge amounts of data to find the appropriate name for your business. While doing this, you will get a lot of extra data related to your business, which will also help you understand your competitors.



Here is the step-by-step guide: Manually select the domain name

Here are a few steps you can take to choose a domain by yourself.

Brand identity and messaging

Before you work on a domain name, have a look at your business values, purpose, and USP (unique selling proposition). Also select the proper tone and language that would be well suited for your targeted audiences.


When the first step is done, you can easily find your business-related keywords. Just note down it. The next step is to filter the keywords. For that, look at all the keywords closely and see which ones properly describe your brand and business or are relevant to your business. You should keep that to meet your requirements and remove other keywords.

Words made from domain

When the keyword choosing process is done, you can move on to this word finding process. Find those common and uncommon words that are made from a domain. These types of words will give uniqueness to your domain name.

Now you can think, “Where will you get these words from?” There are plenty of sources available on Google. Just Google it with your main keyword and you will get a number of word lists.

Combine keywords and words

Now, start combining keywords as per your creativity. Make sure when you generate an appropriate name by combining words and keywords that it is relevant to your business. Otherwise, it will not be counted as a perfect domain name.

Domain Name length

Domain length is another important thing to consider when selecting a domain name. When you are building a brand, there is no more use for a long name. Always choosing catchy business names and simple, easy-to-remember names is a good idea. 3 letter domain names to a maximum of 5 letter domain names are perfect.

Domain name availability

now use the domain availability checker tool to check if your name is available or not for registration. As I already indicated above, most common names are already registered, so it will not be easy to find a name for your business.

You need to combine a lot of words and keywords to get the perfect name for your business.

Get feedback

The last step is getting feedback from friends, family, or colleagues. It is crucial. Maybe the domain name you have selected from your POV is a perfect domain name, but there is no guarantee the world will accept it. So it is really important to get feedback. I mention friends, family, or colleagues here because when you are in the initial stage, they could validate your idea or that of other staff.

If your first domain name or business name idea is rejected, then repeat the same process until you select a catchy domain name or business name.

If you think it’s quite challenging for you now, I am going to introduce another solution that would be relatively easy but costly.

The first option is that there are few websites available that only work on brand name research. You can pay them to research an appropriate name for your business. Their professional team can help you by doing all the manual tasks, adding some more advanced technologies, and giving you a great name.


domain name

Igor International is a 20-year-old creative agency. Branding, design, and innovation are their specialties apart from that naming. They have created brands that stand out and connect with audiences for many business across sectors with a team of dedicated and skilled employees. Igor International is a top branding agency because to their originality and innovation.

Igor International excels at creativity. They know that brands must stand out in today’s congested market. They start every job by learning about the client’s business and audience. This allows them to create visually appealing and consumer-friendly brands.

Visit Igor Website


domain name

Catchword Branding is a 20-year-old comprehensive naming agency. Their team of translators, marketers, and branding experts has helped many businesses build memorable and powerful brand names. Their names are in IT, healthcare, consumer products, and entertainment.

Catchword Branding knows a great brand name is more than a word. It should reflect the brand’s essence, values, and audience. They work with clients to understand their business, target demographic, and brand personality before naming This lets them design names that stand out and resonate with consumers.

Catchword Branding specializes in creating creative and technically sound names. They check names to verify they are valid, culturally acceptable, and easy to pronounce and remember. Their attention to detail has made them a top naming agency.

Finally, catchphrase branding can help you build a strong brand name. Their naming experience and strategic approach may assist you in choosing a name that reflects your brand’s values and connects with your target audience.

Visit Catchword Website


domain name

Labbrand is a global brand strategy, design, and innovation agency. They’ve helped several businesses establish and expand brands with their broad team. Culture, customer behavior, and market trends determine their branding strategy. This lets them design brands that stand out and connect with consumers.

Labbrand creates beautiful and strategic branding. They focus on the client’s business, target audience, and brand personality while branding. This allows them to design beautiful brands that also meet the client’s business goals.

Their branding expertise and client satisfaction have made them one of the top branding agencies.

Visit Labbrand Website

Here a question will come to your mind “can my domain name be different from my business name?”

Your question is right; let me answer it with some valid points. Yes, your domain name can be different from your actual business name. Most of the businesses use names different from their actual business name. Just because of their branding purpose. A memorable name increases brand attention, and that directly reflects on business.

Here I am going to give an example that will be easy for you to understand.

Suppose you have a business with the name “Jones & Doe”. You may use the domain name for branding purposes (“”), or you may choose a different name (“”) if it better represents your brand.

One thing you should remember is that whatever domain name you choose should be related to your business and reflect your brand identity. Never choose a domain that is related to your business.

Ultimately, you need to choose your best domain name that is easy to remember, starting with 3-letter domain names and going up to a maximum of 5-letter domain names. On top of that, it should be relevant to your business and reflective of your brand identity.

Checklist for selecting a appropriate domain name

I already covered some of the important tips above. Here I am going to create a complete checklist for finding an appropriate domain name for any business, no matter if it’s a small or large business.

  • Simple and memorable: Always go with a short domain name that is easy to spell and pronounce. Also easy to remember.
  • Keyword: focus on your business’s main keyword. Try to include the keyword in your domain. You can go with relevant keywords as well.
  • Avoid hyphens and numbers: never use any hyphens or numbers in your domain name. Not only will it make your domain name complex, but it will also have a negative impact on your SEO.
  • Avoid subdomains: never use any subdomains for your brand. It is best to avoid subdomains.
  • Make it brandable: Choose a domain name that is unique, memorable, and that reflects your brand identity. It will help you make yourself different in the market.
  • Never use the same word: Never use the same word that your competitor uses in his domain. You can use the relevant word your competitor uses on his domain name.
  • Availability: Make sure your domain name is publicly available.
  • Penalty: Make sure your domain’s past history is clean. Or it’s a brand new domain.
  • Consider the future: This is another important thing: choose a domain that can grow with your business vision. means domain name should be something that after 10 or 20 years later reflects the same as today.
  • Select the top extension: the domain extension is very crucial. So you need to be careful when you select your business. There are plenty of extensions available on the internet; it could be difficult to choose. Each extension has its own purpose. My suggestion would be to stick
  • Avoid trademark infringement: Make sure your domain name does not violate any trademark or copyright policies.
  • Premium domain: if you have the budget, then consider buying a premium domain. It will checkmark this entire list.

Let’s take a look at how you can generate appropriate domains with some free tools. These tools are free and easy to use. You just need to give your business related keywords, and it will generate a random name for your business.

You just need to select the right one for your business. Also, you need to make sure the name you have selected matches our above checklist.

Below, I have attached some 3 letter domain names up to a maximum of 5 letter domain names.

Top 12 appropriate domain name generator tools

here is the list of domain name generator tools that you can use.

Lean Domain Search

appropriate domain name

Lean Domain Search I find a great domain name in seconds.

This tool is specialized in pointing out classic and unique domain names with the help of suffixes and prefixes. Usually, the domain names it returns closely match the searched names. It is one of the emerging players in the industry.

The site also gives the user the option to easily classify and sort the searches to find the exact domain names. You can even mark your favorite names and keep an eye on them.

Visit Lean Domain Search Website


appropriate domain name

This tool allows you to find out different domain names that lay,.org, It gives you interesting and new domain names.

The tool records the searches carried out on around 1700 top-level domain names and over 1300 general-purpose domain names. You can register at any accredited registry.

There are two external APIs exclusively for online services and side implementations.

Visit Domainr Website


appropriate domain name

The site helps you find the correct domain name by using an advanced word tool that finds matching patterns among the available domain names.

The search results can be saved for later review. There is also a provision to combine about three words and use them as your domain name.

You can even craft names with plurals, hyphens, and by dropping the very last vowel, etc.

Visit BustAName Website


appropriate domain name

This domain space generator and the attached database help you do keyword browsing with multiple words. The tool also allows for commas, full stops, and hyphens. Rhyming words are also allowed.
The tool is very simple and elegant to use. You just have to enter the keywords and give a brief description of the sort of domain name you are looking for.
The “NameBoy” site will create a list of potential domain spaces and show you which of these are available for purchase.

Visit NameBoy Website

Domain Typer

appropriate domain name

It is one of the fastest, most ingenious, and easiest domain name search engines. You just have to enter the required domain name, and the tool will highlight whether that name is available or not. There is also a provision to randomly generate domain names.
The site also gives a list of domain names that closely match the searched domain name.

Visit Domain Typer Website


appropriate domain name

This site is special for its speed and security. It performs domain searches in highly encrypted conditions.
It checks whether the domain name was previously registered, whether it is expired, and also seeks to determine whether it can be purchased again. The site will search for all these aspects and give you results instantly.

Visit domize Website


appropriate domain name


The site concocts words instantaneously that are very unique in meaning and pronunciation. Usually, these words are not longer than 10 words.

Usually, these words are selected from five different languages. The words are mixed and matched to create a unique experience.

The site also gives you the option to change the quality level from low to high. If you select high quality, the concocted word will resemble more natural language.

Visit wordoid Website


appropriate domain name


This is a wonderful site that gives domain names through combinations of words like colors and shapes. The site itself will combine words, search, and give you the results. You can move the results to a scratch box to check the availability of the link.

The iOS app “Dot-o-Motor” is readily available for use.

Visit Dot-o-Mator Website


appropriate domain name

The site offers a wonderful suite of different domain name search tools, including a sophisticated domain search generator.

The generator generates the words by using some preferred keys and suffixes or prefixes from around 180 words.

The tools also suggest combinations of three or two words. It also highlights brandable domain names in five different categories.

Visit NameStall Website


appropriate domain name

It is a simple search engine for domain name search, app name search, and personal name or company search.

Panabee gives suggestions based on the key words you searched. The suggestions include phonemes, abbreviations, syllables, prefixes, and suffixes. It is one of the most widely used tools for domain name search.

Visit Panabee Website

Domain Puzzler

appropriate domain name

It is a very easy, advanced, and sophisticated tool with lots and lots of wonderful options. The tools take keyboard inputs from you and combine them with other popular words to check the availability in the open domain space.

There are lots of options on how to combine the keywords. It can be a useful tool when you want to get something closer to your search.

Visit Domain Puzzler Website


appropriate domain name

This tool allows users to combine different keywords, list them, and add suffixes and prefixes to the search.

The results can be moved to a magic box, and the user can see the results one by one. This tool can be used to search across a wide spectrum of topics.

It also helps you find different variations of a name and keyword alternatives. The site will see the look-up definition and will bring more semantically related words for analysis. Users can redefine their criteria for better results.

Visit Namestation Website

Now I am going to discuss how you can generate short domain names with AI. AI can help in multiple ways to generate a catchy domain name for your business.

Here I am going to share some ways that AI can help you generate a domain name related to your business.

And at the end of this post, I will show you my personal experience with ChatGPT. There I will show you how I generated a domain name within a few clicks.

So, without wasting time let’s start our topic “domain name generation with AI”.

Domain name generation with AI

Now I am going to discuss how you can generate short domain names with AI. AI can help in multiple ways to generate a catchy domain name for your business.

Here I am going to share some ways that AI can help you generate a domain name related to your business. And at the end of this post, I will show you my personal experience with ChatGPT.

There, I will show you how I generated a domain name within a few clicks.
So, without wasting time, let’s start our topic “Domain name generation with AI”.

It sounds like a very easy job. Yes, by default, it’s an easy job. But the challenge comes when you need to generate a unique and easy-to-remember domain name. AI is not a human; it’s a trained machine.

Whatever AI will generate for you, there needs to be some human touch.

Now you can think about “how AI can help with the domain name section.

Let me answer it,

  •  Keyword analysis: AI can handle those things properly that humans take a lot of time to do. Here, it can help you analyze keywords related to your business. That is a time taking task. 
  • Language processing: AI can help you mix words and keywords and generate a meaningful and easy-to-remember brand name with proper spelling.
  • Trends analysis: AI can help you find the latest, most relevant, and most catchy name related to your industry.
  •  Semantic analysis: AI can also help find meaningful words that reflect your brand identity.
  • Trademark analysis: AI can analyze trademark databases to ensure that the suggested business names are available and do not infringe on existing trademarks.

Over all, it can help you do all those things that you need to do to find a great domain name for your business.

Top 5 AI appropriate domain name generator tools

Here I am going to share top 5 AI tool that can help you select best domain name for your business.

appropriate domain name makes business name generation easy. You can enter keywords related to your business and get a list of possible business names on the website’s simple interface. Industry type and name length filters are available on the website. You can use these filters as well.

This website generates many business name ideas based on your keywords. You can get hundreds of names in seconds, reducing effort and time. Also, you can save and compare favorite names on the website, which can help you choose a name. This is great for starting a business.

The website’s algorithms generate industry-specific business name ideas. The website’s focus on creativity and originality allows you to avoid basic or conventional business names that are overused in your industries.

Ultimately, generates business names affordably. Some businesses may pay a branding agency or consultant to create a name; however, these services can be expensive and may not be suitable for all budgets. This website offers high-quality name suggestions for free.

Over all, this is a great AI tool for creating a memorable business name for you. When the short and appropriate name is ready, you can register a domain name by matching the items on the above checklist.

Visit Website


appropriate domain name

Namelix uses AI to help you create creative business names. Based on length, tone, and style, the platform generates name ideas using advanced algorithms and machine learning.

Namelix’s user-friendliness is key to the success of this app. You can enter your keywords, select your business type, and give a few descriptive words for your business name. The platform then suggests relevant and catchy business names for your business.

It also generates domain name ideas. This can save your time and effort searching for available domain names separately. Users can also get a logo based on their name on the platform.

Namelix’s AI-powered algorithms analyze language, your branding trends, and your business’s preferences to generate relevant, creative, and memorable names.

It can suggest business names, but human experts should make the final decision based on the business and target audience. It is very useful for you or those entrepreneurs and businesses looking for a creative and unique domain name.

Over all, this is a great AI tool for creating a memorable business name for you. When the short and appropriate name is ready, you can register a domain name by matching the items on the above checklist.

Visit Namelix Website


appropriate domain name

Namify is an AI-powered business name generator that uses machine learning and natural language processing to help you and those entrepreneurs and businesses who want to create memorable names. Based on keywords, the platform suggests names. Best thing is that it is a directly recommended domain with extension.

Basically, the platform checks domain availability in real time and displays available domain names. It saves time and effort searching for available domain names. That is nice.

It generates SEO-friendly names. The platform suggests names with keywords and phrases to boost search engine rankings. This is essential in today’s competitive digital market.

Namify gives users a brand identity package with a logo, social media profiles, and brand guidelines based on their chosen name. This can help startups create a cohesive brand identity.

Visit Namify Website

appropriate domain name can help entrepreneurs and businesses establish and manage LLCs. The platform has a business name generator tool that allows users to pick a new name for their business. You can also take advantage of this nice tool. It is very easy to use.

Your input and AI technology generate business name suggestions on their website. You just need to enter keywords. The platform then suggests names as per your requirements.

The business name generator provides an extensive range of domain names. This can save you time and effort searching for available domain names separately. All AI domain name generators provide the same facilities; there is no difference here.

The business name generator can help entrepreneurs and businesses choose a name, but it should only be a starting point. There needs to be some human touch before you finalize your business or domain name.

Visit Website


appropriate domain name

As mentioned previously, I will share my personal experience with chatGPT’s appropriate domain name section. Here is that video.

You can select your 3-letter domain names up to a maximum of 5-letter domain names using a command similar to the one demonstrated in the video. the process will not take a huge time to find a great name.

Visit ChatGPT Website

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